46% increase in accidents: Pakistanis driving in Sharjah should be careful

846 traffic accidents were reported in Sharjah during UAE National Day holidays

Sharjah, Dec 10 (IANS) The number of traffic accidents in the UAE state of Sharjah has risen by 46 percent, with 846 traffic accidents reported during the UAE’s National Day holiday 287 accidents were recorded on December 4, compared to 579 in Sharjah during the UAE National Day holiday last year.
According to Gulf News, the Joint Survey Committee for Minor Traffic Accidents in Sharjah reported that 846 reports of minor traffic accidents were received in Sharjah during the UAE’s 50th National Day holiday, which occurred from 1 to 4 December. This is an increase of about 46% in the number of track accidents, while 579 accidents were reported in the emirate during the same period last year.
Statistics obtained through the Rafid application and the company’s call center show that the highest number of 287 accidents in a single day was recorded on December 4, with the lowest number of traffic accidents reported on December 3 during these holidays. Abdul Rahman Al-Shamsi, a member of the RSA department and joint committee, confirmed that the number of traffic accidents is increasing during the holidays because drivers want to reach their destinations faster and do not follow traffic rules and regulations. ۔
Al-Shamsi praised the UAE’s high road safety standards, saying it was playing a role in reducing traffic accident and injury rates, efficiency in reporting accidents, rapid response and accurate and detailed accident reports. Also helps protect the rights of all.

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