A severe cold wave in Saudi Arabia has frozen the water in the pots

The winter season has started in the southern parts of the country where the temperature will reach freezing point in the upper parts of Asir region.

Riyadh (Urdu Point News Latest. December 10, 2021) Due to the severe increase in the severity of the cold in the upper areas of the Asir region of Saudi Arabia, the water stored in the pots also froze. The temperature in the upper parts of the Asir region has reached freezing point. In this regard, a citizen told Akhbar 24 that due to the decrease in temperature in the area, the water kept in the pots has also started freezing. Special arrangements are also made for water.
According to a report by Saudi News Agency, a long cold spell has started in Saudi Arabia from December 7, after a dramatic drop in temperature in the kingdom, the severity of cold has increased, because the weather in the kingdom from December 7. Winter has officially started, with good rains in most parts of Saudi Arabia during the last month, as a result of which the weather has turned cold in most parts of the kingdom and the weather is expected to be extremely severe in Saudi Arabia this winter. ۔
Recently, Saudi meteorologists predicted a record cold snap in the kingdom this year, with temperatures likely to drop below freezing in many parts of the country during the winter months. Severe weather has been witnessed in most parts of the country, with torrential rains, thunderstorms and hailstorms in many parts of Saudi Arabia causing significant drop in temperature over the past month.
According to experts, the weather in Saudi Arabia this year was above normal even during the summer, similarly the winter weather is expected to be above normal and from December 7 to January 21 in most parts of Saudi Arabia. It will be freezing cold, during which snowfall is expected in many areas.

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