An attack on one country would be an attack on all of us, “the GCC countries said in a statement

At the 42nd GCC Summit, the leaders stressed the urgent need for joint foreign policies of the member countries to formulate an effective joint foreign policy.

Riyadh (Urdu Point latest newspaper. December 15, 2021) The countries in the Gulf Cooperation Organization have unequivocally declared that an attack on one country will be an attack on all of us. According to the details, the GCC leaders reiterated the importance of integrating the region’s common economic, defense and security integration and completing the pillars of the alliance. Emphasis was placed on fulfilling the aspirations of the people and strengthening their regional and international role through unified political positions and new regional and global partnerships.
According to the Riyadh Declaration issued at the end of the 42nd GCC Summit, the leaders stressed the urgent need for a common foreign policy of the member countries to formulate an effective joint foreign policy that meets the aspirations and aspirations of their peoples. Protect the interests and benefits of, keep them away from interfering in regional and international disputes and their internal affairs.
At the meeting, the leaders called for strategic integration between common economic, defense and security policies to achieve the desired goals and pledged to take collective action under the Joint Defense Agreement to meet common challenges and threats from member countries. Insisted on Addressing the meeting on climate change, the leaders reportedly supported the circular carbon economy strategy launched during Saudi Arabia’s presidency of the G20 to tackle climate change and its effects and achieve sustainability. The leaders also called for continued cooperation in the fight against coronavirus and other epidemics and to address such health emergencies and their economic and social implications, as well as travel and mobility among GCC member states. Emphasized the need to develop effective policies and strategies to deal with
During the meeting, the GCC leaders called for enhancing joint action for digital transformation and modern technology, enhancing cooperation and building alliances in the field of cyber and information security in line with the aspirations of GCC member countries, youth, private sector and youth. Emphasizing the importance of supporting the role of, small and medium enterprises in the development of economic diversification and digital transformation and encourage partnerships, projects and initiatives in this field.
The GCC’s Supreme Council, meanwhile, praised the UAE’s efforts to tackle climate change and to offer support to global efforts by hosting COP28 in Abu Dhabi in 2023, successfully hosting the UAE’s Expo 2020 Dubai. But also congratulated, which is the success of all GCC countries. The Supreme Council reiterated its desire to further promote co-ordination among the member countries and to realize integration in all spheres, which would fulfill the aspirations of its people and take any action against any GCC country. The ranks will be united to counter the threat.
The statement also referred to the stated objectives of the Al-Ala Declaration issued on 5 January 2021 and the common desire to be in tune with the vision of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the trustee of the Holy Shrines, to work towards economic unity. The Supreme Council has instructed organizations, councils and ministerial committees, as well as the GCC General Secretariat, to redouble their efforts to fulfill the vision of the trustees of the two holy mosques, including the establishment of a customs union and various. Includes speeding routes.

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