Bangladesh team limited to stupidity, gave 7 runs on one ball

Bangladeshi fielder failed to catch Kiwi batsman Will Young. A fielder standing on the boundary threw the ball towards the wicket-keeper and he threw the ball at the non-striker end.

Christchurch (Urdu Point latest newspaper. January 10, 2022) Bangladesh team against New Zealand on the first day of the Christchurch Test recorded a unique feat of scoring 7 runs on a ball. The Bangladesh team is currently on a tour of New Zealand and the visiting team has a 1-0 lead in the two-Test series. Now the visiting team was joking about the very strange review taken in the first Test that the Bengal Tigers performed another strange feat.
On the first day of the Christchurch Test, in the 26th over, Kiwi batsman Will Young’s edge came out on the ball of Bangladesh’s Ibadat Hussain and the ball went towards the slip. The fielder on the second slip made a dive but failed to catch and the ball went to the boundary, while the Kiwi batsmen began to run for the run.
The Bangladeshi fielder, standing on the boundary, threw the ball to wicketkeeper Noorul Hussain, who threw the ball to Young, who went to the non-striker end for the third run.

This time too no fielder could stop the ball and the ball started moving towards the boundary. Bowler Ibadat Hussain ran after the ball but he failed to stop the ball from crossing the boundary. Got 7 runs on one ball.

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