Before saying “yes” to Vicky’s marriage, Katrina had set a condition

Vicky must give her family, mother and siblings the same love and respect they give Katrina

Mumbai (Urdu Point News Latest – NNI. December 15, 2021) Actress Katrina Kaif had laid down a condition for marrying Vicky Koshal before saying “yes”. Bollywood’s Barbie doll Katrina Kaif and Vicky Koshal are from Rajasthan They tied the knot on December 9 in a luxurious hotel in Sawai Madhopur district of Uttar Pradesh. Katrina and Vicky suddenly got married and surprised the fans.
But Katrina did not agree to marry Vicky. A friend of Katrina Kaif’s recently revealed that Bollywood’s Barbie doll had placed only one condition before Vicky Koshal before saying “yes” to the marriage. Of course, his fans will be surprised to hear about this condition.
A friend of Katrina Kaif’s told a reporter that it was all of a sudden.

The meeting, the romance, the marriage was all very sudden. Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif’s relationship lasted only two months and in those two months Vicky decided that Katrina is the woman he wants to spend his whole life with. But Katrina Kaif married Vicky Kaushal. She was not very confident about the decision because of her past experience.
Although Katrina liked Vicky, she still needed more time. However, Vicky kept trying until Katrina said yes to the marriage. But he made a precondition before saying “yes”. Katrina told Vicky that Vicky must give her family, mother and siblings the same love and respect that they give to Katrina. Come from Katrina’s friend added that before the marriage, Katrina’s family had not even met Vicky Koshal, but now it seems they have known her all their lives.

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