Chili peppers

While spicy and spicy food enhances the taste of food, it also has numerous health benefits in terms of health. Whether it is Des Badis ie the region of the East or the food of other countries of the world, green, white, red and yellow (Capsicum) Used for its flavor and usefulness.
A special style of food is brought to the fore by using peppers of the same color as the specific food of the region. For example, in our country, there are different types of green peppers.
For their volume and flavor which have a distinct shape and individuality. If we go to make a frying pan, we do not use very small chillies, but if we want to make another curry, we can make the taste with thin and long chillies. I add capsicum instead of ordinary green chillies and it tastes different.
When it comes to making green chilli curry, different green chilies are used and the taste of this curry is different.

The Latin name of the pepper is Genus Capsicum and its bitter taste is due to one of its components Capsicune. One pepper contains more vitamin C than malt. According to scientific research, a special type of carotene Luteolin is found in pepper. It protects the body against cancer, heart disease and old age.
In addition to vitamin C, red pepper contains E and many minerals.
Chilies and chilies improve the immune system. They are also useful in colds, coughs and constipation. Green chillies keep the stomach active. It is also useful for diabetics. It balances blood levels.
Red peppers are also an antidote for clogged arteries but should not be added to foods with caution. Green peppers are slightly more nutritious and do not contain calories, weight control is maintained.
Due to the presence of beta carotene, it is good for the eyes. However, it is a powerful antioxidant that protects against many diseases. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. Can use
Red peppers have potassium strength. Many red peppers have the same benefits.

If you can eat raw green chillies, you will get better nutrition from it. Many people enjoy eating raw chillies with food. This is a good style.
According to a study conducted in Australia, chillies prevent liver damage, however, eating 12 chillies a day can also cause stomach irritation and ulcers. It is better to use chillies in combination with other spices. ۔
As we have traditions of using salt, turmeric, dried coriander, proven hot spices or crushed hot spices mixed with chillies in our food. There are 12 types of peppers. There are many types but these 12 types are eaten and liked all over the world.


It is a long, slightly spicy but tasty variety that is popular in California. It is added to southwestern dishes such as salsa Chile Verde.


It is a South American hot, spicy pepper that is added to some sauces. It is also added to our local food by grinding it.


It is the hottest pepper used in Caribbean cuisine such as Jerks and Marinades. It is one of the most popular peppers in Latin America.


It is one of the most popular peppers in Mexican cuisine.


It is a Spanish pepper that has an ancient tradition of being used in grilled foods, but it is not spicy.


This vegetable does not have a pale color, but its ink suggests that it is spoiled. It is highly desirable in the Mexican and Southwestern world.


It looks like Spanish Bell Pepper. It is offered like Tayzas in different parts of the world.


This is a Japanese-produced pepper.


This pepper is also red like Jalapeno and is also quite spicy but is an important part of Mexican cooking.


This yellow pepper is also called Wax Pepper but the reference to banana is limited to name only. It is not a sharp and pungent pepper. In the outside world it is used for foods like meat and cheese.


An integral part of Thai and Mexican cuisine, it is a very spicy but flavorful pepper. It is used in salsa as well as curry.

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