Chinese President Xi Jinping’s New Year’s Eve 2022

Beijing (Urdu Point newspaper latest. December 31, 2021) Comrades, friends, ladies and gentlemen, the arrival of the year two thousand and twenty-two. I wish you a Happy New Year from Beijing. A look at 2221 shows that this has been an extraordinary year.
Important events in the history of the Communist Party of China and the country took place which are important milestones. After the completion of the first centenary goal, the process of putting the second centenary goal into practice has begun. Are on the way
From the beginning to the end of the year 2012, all the people were engaged in various fields including farms, industrial and business establishments, communities, schools, hospitals, military camps and scientific research institutes.

We have seen and felt a dynamic and powerful China that is extremely strong, flexible and fast growing. There are friendly and respectable people on this land because of whom the country is growing twice a day and four times a night and all of life. Continuous progress is being made in the sectors. July 1 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.
I was standing on the Tiananmen Square, full of emotions. The historical journey has been tumultuous. The Communist Party of China, under the leadership of millions of Chinese people, has overcome various difficulties and achieved extraordinary successes over the past century in tackling various threats. We need to work hard to achieve our primary goals so that we can serve both history and the people.
The third historic resolution of the party was passed at the 6th Annual Meeting of the 19th Central Committee of the CPC. The dialogue between the two is cited and I think we can only play an active role in historical development through “self-revolution”.
Completion of the great renaissance of the Chinese nation is not an easy goal, nor is its path smooth. We must take a far-sighted approach, always thinking of possible dangers. Every “small and big” step should be emphasized while implementing a strong strategy. China is a big country and its priorities are just as high.
But all these matters belong to the people. I have visited many areas and during this time I have seen many impressive things. While talking to the citizens I inquired about their living conditions and I always keep all these issues in my mind. For me, the concern of the people is paramount and I act according to the wishes of the people.
I myself am from a rural area and I am well aware of poverty. Thanks to the joint efforts of generations, the problem of bread and clothing has been solved for the poor today, their children can go to school and housing and medical insurance have been ensured. Establishing a comprehensive prosperous society and overcoming poverty is the responsibility of the CPC and an important service to the world.
For the betterment of the people, we have a long way to go, considering the present achievements as insufficient. The protection of the Yellow River has been a long-standing desire of the Chinese people for thousands of years. High Lake, Yarling River Zhangbo Ho Whether it’s a water project from south to north, or a “green map” of forests in Sai Hanba, whether it’s elephants traveling from south to north in Yunnan Province and then from north to south, or Tibetan deer breeding or Migration, all this shows that if man will protect the environment, then the environment must also protect man.
This year, many unforgettable Chinese voices, Chinese moments and Chinese stories have come to the fore. The youth have taken an oath to be ready to strengthen the country while maintaining confidence in the party. A young soldier expresses his passion for “sincere love, only for China.” The “Zhu Rong” detector researched Mars, the “Shi Hu” satellite tracked the sun, the space station’s core module “Tian”. Huh is on his space mission.
The hard working athletes, the people united for the fight against the epidemic, the people cooperating and cooperating for the reconstruction of the affected areas, the commanders of the People’s Liberation Army, the personnel of the Armed Police Force, and countless ordinary heroes. In the new era, a strong current for China has been formed. The motherland has always valued the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and Macau.
Only through joint efforts will the “One Country Two Systems” be steadily promoted. The perfect unity of the country is the common aspiration of the compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. We will build a beautiful future for the Chinese nation. In telephone or virtual conversations with leaders of other countries and heads of international organizations, he repeatedly praised China’s outstanding performance and services in the fight against the epidemic in China and around the world. So far, China has supplied the CO2 vaccine to more than 120 countries and international organizations.

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