Corona cases escalate The Dubai Expo has suspended daily parades and other activities

Entertainment in which artists interact with visitors has been stopped. Corona virus screening centers at the expo site have been expanded to four PCR centers.

Dubai (Urdu Point News Latest. December 20, 2021) In view of the increase in Corona cases in the United Arab Emirates, Expo 2020 Dubai has suspended daily parades and some other activities that pose a risk of possible close contact. According to Emirati media, the organizers of Expo 2020 Dubai have said that the entertainment in which the artist interacts with the visitors has been stopped, the decision to stop the parade was taken because the artist guests and Interact with children, all front line workers and entertainers will be tested on a regular basis and all pavilion staff will have free Covid 19 tests, ensuring regular testing of front line staff and entertainers. The site’s Corona virus screening centers have been augmented with an additional fourth PCR center.
Officials have emphasized that most of the celebrations at the World’s Fair will continue over the Christmas holidays, and say that the number of visits has so far exceeded seven million, one of the main things we are focusing on. The key is to maintain our strong coveted prevention measures, ensuring a safe and exceptional event for all participants.
Senior Vice President of Communications Sconaid McGeachin said that some of our close contact events, such as parades and outdoor recreation, have been temporarily suspended as a short-term precautionary measure, a dynamic and fluid situation. And we’re reviewing it on a daily basis, we just want to ensure the safety of all visitors and the safety of all staff on site.
“We’re also making sure all staff, whether they’re expo staff, volunteers or the country pavilion getting booster vaccinations as soon as possible, will have an extra drill on site,” said Ms. McGuinness. Wear will be reminded, the broadcast staff and reporters at the media center are being asked to wear masks at all times, we will ask all media to observe that inside the media center especially in the elevators we Seeing that many people are not wearing masks, we would say that everyone should do their part to ensure the safety of everyone.
It has been reported that Expo 2020 Dubai has made vaccination and booster mandatory for all expo and international staff, volunteers, contractors and service providers. A copy of the Nation Report must be submitted.

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