Corona virus and our behavior

Dr. Zahid Ashraf

Medically, there is a worldwide outcry. Congo, Ngaleria Fowler, dengue and corona viruses have terrorized the world. Individuals and governments are worried because of the corona virus. Yes, while the number of its victims is increasing by thousands every day.
Various causes for the spread of the corona virus have been cited, initially consistently stating that the Chinese people’s dietary habits are responsible for the origin and spread of the virus. Yes, that is why the disease has been transmitted from them to humans. It has also been said that there are two types of cobra snakes, from which the disease is transmitted to humans and since Chinese people eat snake meat with great relish. Yes, that’s why they are more affected by this disease.

Some quarters have also said that the United States is responsible for the spread of the corona virus in China, which is a threat to China with a huge plan to strike a blow at the globally dominated Chinese economy. He was the one who sent the corona virus to China through diplomatic channels, and the city of Wuhan was chosen because it was easier to transmit the virus to other Chinese cities.
Many countries have banned the import of Chinese products due to the growing number of patients suffering from the disease, which has cost China billions of dollars and caused the world to dominate. The economy was hit hard.
On the other hand, some quarters were writing that Western, especially American companies and institutions were also preparing vaccines for the prevention of Corona virus and their plan was to sell Corona virus vaccines. Will make billions of dollars
In this way, the Chinese economy will collapse and the US economy will stabilize. Therefore, in the light of all this, their role in the spread of the corona virus cannot be ignored as a mere myth. Regardless of the reason, there is no denying the fact that human beings can be safe from many diseases if their living conditions, their living conditions and their habits are in harmony with the laws of nature. And if the principles of honesty and trustworthiness and goodwill and goodness are upheld in nations, institutions and governments, then cruel and inhuman exploitative attitudes can be eradicated.
Will those who are campaigning for humanity and human rights day and night bother to consider it?

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