Cracks in UAE-US alliance: UAE suspends 23 23 billion defense deal

Abu Dhabi has signed a 23 23 billion defense deal with Washington for the purchase of F-35 aircraft, armed drones and other equipment. Revealed in the report of American magazine “Wall Street General”

WASHINGTON (UPI) – The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has suspended talks on a 23 23 billion defense deal with the United States over the purchase of F-35 aircraft, armed drones and other equipment. The United Arab Emirates embassy in Washington has said it will suspend talks with the United States on a proposal to move other issues under the plan, according to a US broadcaster. The meeting for talks will take place at the Pentagon this week.
A statement from the United Arab Emirates said that the United States is still the UAE’s top priority for advanced defense equipment and that talks on the F-35 are likely to resume in the future. The proposal for a 35-year deal came at the end of Donald Trump’s tenure, after which the idea arose that the UAE had formally recognized Israel.
Biden later postponed the proposal after taking office, citing criticism from Saudi Arabia and the UAE over their role in the Yemeni conflict. Are. Emirati officials have accused the United States of violating its sovereignty over insistence and restrictions on the use of F-35 fighter jets, while the US State Department says its administration is still committed to the proposed agreement. .
“We continue to consult to ensure that we have a shared knowledge of the Emirate’s responsibilities and a clear knowledge of their actions before and after the delivery of the weapons,” the State Department said. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the use of US-made defense equipment for the UAE was not non-negotiable and specific. He said the US partnership with the UAE was more strategic and more than arms sales. Is complicated.
The broadcaster quoted US government sources as saying that Washington believed that the UAE’s move showed that it was now trying to use negotiation tactics to move the process forward. The letter, in which the United States was informed of the suspension of the agreement, was written by a relatively low-ranking official. The suspension of the talks was revealed by the American Wall Street Journal. It should be noted that the UAE has worked with the United States for a long time to fight terrorism and earlier this year on the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. Admission to the UAE has also been granted, but tensions between Washington and Abu Dhabi are escalating as the UAE’s ties with China strengthen.
Last week, the UAE ambassador admitted that he had stopped construction on Chinese facilities at the port of Abu Dhabi because the United States considers such a military base. At a meeting of Gulf state institutions, Ambassador Anwar Gargash said, “We have suspended facilities in view of US concerns.”

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