Dangerous heart condition

The rate of heart disease worldwide is reaching alarming levels along with the scourge of corona virus, but the rapid increase in the number of heart patients in Pakistan in the last few years is alarming and worrying. Even more worrying is the fact that the number of people suffering from heart disease in Pakistan is not the elderly but the young and now even children are suffering from this disease.
According to one estimate, a large number of people in Pakistan suffer from high blood pressure, the leading cause of heart disease. Are and are happening.
It is obvious to everyone that the causes of heart ailments in Pakistan are market ready-made chit patti and oily foods and tolerant lifestyle or bad lifestyle.
These two destructive health habits endanger the blessings of health on the one hand, and severe economic instability, unemployment and deprivation on the other.
In view of the rising rate of these diseases in the country and among the youth in particular, the concerned institutions and individuals should pay full attention to heart ailments. The health problem of the people of Pakistan cannot be solved unless they I did not develop a sense of health.
Due to the lack of playgrounds and airspace across the country, people prefer to sit at home and eat unhealthy foods while watching movies, dramas or playing games on their smartphones or tablets. Physical movement is also very limited and people find it very difficult to walk even a few steps. Lack of exercise, waking up late at night and getting up in the sun also have negative effects on health.
On top of all this, the abundance of fatty and extremely spicy foods has taken the whole nation far away from the great blessing of health. They are reserved for shops and hotels. Looking at these shops and hotels, it seems as if the whole nation has no choice but to eat.
There is no doubt that these foods are prepared keeping in mind the principles of hygiene.
If the health consciousness is not awakened in the nation and full hygiene movement is not carried out then not only heart disease but also other diseases will become epidemic, from which old, child, young, man and woman any. It will not be safe to do so.
Seeker if not scarcity
Health is Wealth

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