Dangerous situation of daily corona cases in UAE still persists today

In the last 24 hours, 2,627 new cases of corona virus have been confirmed in the country

Abu Dhabi (Urdu Point News Latest – 07 January 2022) Dangerous situation of daily corona cases in the United Arab Emirates still persists today where the number of corona cases reported during the last 24 hours again exceeded 2600. According to Emirati media, the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention on Friday reported 2,627 new cases of Covid 19 corona virus, with 930 recovering and fortunately no patients died from corona. Happened
Doctors in the UAE have advised residents to wear 3-layer surgical masks instead of covering their faces with cloth for better protection, especially to avoid cloth masks, instead of resident surgical, KN95 or Can choose N95 mask.
Dr Swetha Prakash Aditya, medical director and neurologist at RA Hospital, said in a study that cloth masks provided only 47% protection, while surgical masks with KN95 and N95 provided 95% protection. The viruses that cause the common cold, flu, and coyote 19 are spread through the nose and mouth drops of infected people, and they can spread even further before a person realizes they are infected. The time varies when a person with any disease begins to feel sick. Some people infected with the corona virus show no symptoms but can still spread it.

Cough, fever, fatigue and muscle aches are common in both the flu and cove 19, says corona-specific symptoms, including loss of taste or smell, says Kirsten Coleman, an assistant research professor at the University of Maryland School of Public Health.

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