Destroyed ballistic missiles fired by Houthi rebels

The missile struck Khamis Mushait near Abha in the southwest

Riyadh (Urdu Point latest newspaper. December 14, 2021) Saudi forces destroyed a ballistic missile fired by Houthi militia, which hit Khamis Mushait near Abha in the southwest of the kingdom. According to Arab News, in a statement on Al-Akhbariya TV, the Arab League said that we will take concrete steps to neutralize the threats in accordance with international humanitarian law, in response to new attempts by militias to target civilians. Will be given
Bahrain and Kuwait on Monday condemned the Houthi militia’s attempt to launch a ballistic missile attack on civilians and civilian buildings in Saudi Arabia, which was stopped by Saudi forces. In separate statements, Bahrain and Kuwait Calling the missile strike a clear violation of international humanitarian law, the Houthi leadership has repeatedly condemned the Houthi actions against civilians, saying the attacks amounted to war crimes.
The coalition, meanwhile, has stepped up operations to target Houthi military targets in recent days following an increase in cross-border attacks targeting Saudi Arabia, with coalition airstrikes following several attacks on Yemeni Governorate Marb on Sunday. More than 200 Houthi militants were killed. The Arab League also said it had conducted three operations near the west coast to help protect civilians, destroying two militant vehicles and killing 15 militants.


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