Dubai Employee accused of attacking female TV presenter for posting obscene pictures and clips

The 32-year-old employee had a romantic relationship with a female TV anchor until August this year, after which things went awry between the two.

Dubai (Urdu Point Latest Newspaper. December 21, 2021) An employee based in Dubai has been accused of attacking and threatening a female TV presenter for publishing obscene pictures and clips. According to Gulf News, the 32-year-old employee had a romantic relationship with a TV anchor until August this year, after which matters between the two went awry. After receiving the report, the woman told the police that while she was going to present live news on television, the man attacked her and insulted her. The medical report of Rashid Hospital confirmed the claims of her injuries. Of
The woman testified that she had met the defendant nine months before the attack and that they had been in a relationship until the night of the incident. When she was in her apartment, an argument broke out between them. She slapped me on the face and I I fell on and injured my ribs. After reporting the incident to the police, the employee threatened the woman that if she asked for any legal help he would post pictures of her, he told her on his television channel. He also threatened to defame her.
Defendant, meanwhile, testified that the woman also insulted him because he thought he was cheating on her and broke her phone, claiming that the woman tried to attack him. He pushed her away. Defendant was charged with assaulting and threatening a woman while the woman was charged with damaging defendant’s belongings, and the two were also charged with insulting each other. Defendant was ordered to pay a fine of 10,000 dirhams while the woman was ordered to pay a fine of 5,000 dirhams.
Emirati lawyer Mohammed al-Najjar, representing the woman, later appealed the decision, stating that the court of first instance had ruled that the defendant’s actions were related to the whole incident and that the charge of intimidation was part of the original crime. Not because my client had threatened the police after reporting the incident. Defendant fabricated the allegations by claiming that the woman had damaged his desk and mobile phone. The appellate court quashed the initial decision and acquitted the woman of the charges of damaging property.

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