Eat sesame seeds in winter season

Mohammad Asif Hanif

Sesame is an oil seed, which has been very important in Asia since ancient times and is considered to be the best source of nutrition. It is a seed which contains certain properties of meat, therefore It can also be said as a substitute. It is included in various dishes and sweets. There are three types of sesame: white sesame, black sesame and red sesame.
Black and white sesame seeds are more popular in our country. Sesame seeds contain healthy ingredients like vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, zinc, fiber and thiamine.
Sesame protects against diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, osteoporosis and skin and heart diseases. Sesame is counted among the dried fruits.
Black sesame oil is considered to be the most useful and highly suitable for medicinal purposes.

White sesame seeds are high in calcium, so people who are deficient in calcium should include white sesame seeds in their daily diet in cold weather, thus making up for the lack of calcium in their body. But sesame seeds should not be eaten in large quantities, as too much of them can be harmful.
Sesame seeds also help in curing hemorrhoids.
They should be grinded with water and eaten by patients suffering from hemorrhoids. It will be very useful. They should be soaked in lukewarm water, ground, sifted, mixed with milk and drunk for a few days. Anemia persists. The vitamins and minerals found in sesame seeds play an important role in protecting against all types of cancer.
Sesame seeds also help children to get rid of the habit of urinating in bed. For this, you can feed them sesame seeds and herds.
Take 3-3 grams of sesame and linseed seeds and mix a little honey in them and eat it daily for a few days to develop the ability to fight against cough and cold. Eating the bar not only relieves the severe pain that occurs in days, but also removes the lack of days.
Due to the abundant amount of calcium in sesame seeds, bone problems go away.
Sesame seeds have a great effect on the digestive system. They contain fiber, so sesame seeds are also protected from constipation. They also contain magnesium, which protects against the risk of diabetes. Eating sesame gives energy to the body. They speed up the process of digestion and absorption. The ingredients found in it are very useful for hair and skin.

Sesame oil is also very beneficial for health. It protects against various diseases. Free radicals damage our DNA, cells and proteins, resulting in I have an increased risk of developing diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia and cancer. Some products, such as tobacco and pesticides, also contain free radicals.
Free radicals are also found in the foods prepared in the market. To avoid these free radicals, we should eat foods which contain antioxidants. It is also very important to quit smoking. Very useful in reference. In some families, in winter season, sesame oil is eaten by mixing it with green chilli sauce.

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