Every phone in the world can be hacked just by knowing the phone number. The hackers proved it

CBS News has broadcast a movie (on this page) to prove how easy it is to hack a phone. The film shows that hackers easily hacked a politician’s iPhone only after finding out his phone number. The politician had already been told that he was part of a hacking experience.

As soon as the number was known, the hackers not only listened to the phone calls of this politician, traced his location, read his texts but also hacked the phones of those who contacted him.
For the demonstration, CBS approached hackers from a security firm, the Security Research Lab. CBS asked if the iPhone is better in terms of security or Android handset, then Hacks replied that all phones are from one.

During this experiment, hackers used a bug in the signaling system 7 or SS7. SS7 is a protocol used by phone carriers around the world to connect. Hackers have proven that they can take advantage of the SS7 flaw to hack smartphone users.
Fortunately, hackers have not yet used SS7 to hack the phone, not yet.
John Haring, co-founder of a security firm, Lookout, said that every phone in the world could be broken. He said that there are two types of companies in this world, one which has been hacked and the other which has been hacked but does not know that they have been hacked.
During the experiment, the team of hackers broke the CBS reporter’s phone and showed it. They got his credit card number and also read his emails.
John Harang said that the kind of attack on the reporter’s phone, such attacks have not yet become common, if security is not paid attention, they will become common.

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