Fahad Mustafa’s son got Babar Azam’s autograph

KARACHI: The son of renowned Pakistani host and actor Fahad Mustafa has received the autograph of national cricket team captain Babar Azam. Fahad Mustafa has shared a video on his Nasta Story, in which Babar Azam can be seen giving his autograph on the bat of Fahad Mustafa’s son Musa.
He wrote in his story that this is a memorable moment for his son Musa with King Babar Azam.

In addition, Fahad Mustafa has shared a picture of himself with Babar Azam in his Instagram post. While sharing this picture, he wrote that King Babar Azam! Thank you very much for coming, it was great to meet you. Not only that, but a picture of Fahad Mustafa’s entire family with Babar Azam taken during this meeting on social media is also going viral.

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