For the first time in history, two Saudi women will take part in a dangerous race

Dania Aqeel and Mashael Al-Obeidan have won the honor of participating in the Dakar Rally for the first time from Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh (Urdu Point newspaper latest. December 17, 2021) 2 women from Saudi Arabia will participate in the dangerous race of cars and motorcycles running at a speed of 135 km per hour for the first time. Dania Aqeel and Mashail Al-Obeidan will be able to participate in the Dakar Rally. According to Arab media, the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation has announced that Mashaeel Al-Obeidan and Dania Aqeel will become the first female drivers in Saudi Arabia to participate in the Dakar Rally next month. The 44th edition of the Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia is over 8,300 km long, where the women will compete in light vehicles running at a speed of 135 km per hour, with one track passing through deserts and mountains. And the pair will cover a distance of up to 600 meters per day, the competition will last a total of 12 days.
Expressing her views in this regard, Dania Aqeel said that I have fulfilled the conditions of permission required to participate, I know that the competition is fierce but I am ready to participate in the competition physically and mentally, in this regard. I am very happy to have the full support of the organization. Dania Aqeel spent the last year recovering from a spinal cord and multiple fractures after hitting the Bahrain track, but that did not stop her from competing, as she had won the overall title in the World Cup cross country rally rounds. ۔
Similarly, 33-year-old Mashael Al-Obeidan said that when the head of the organization, Prince Khalid bin Sultan, informed about the approval of participation in the rally by contacting him, he was not overjoyed because his big dream of participating in Dakar rally is about to come true. In the toughest round of the World Cup Cross Country Rally series, I came in seventh against rivals who had been racing for over 15 years, so I knew I could do it.

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