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You may have eaten okra as a salad and with meat in the form of curry. Apparently it is a common vegetable which is called Okra and Lady Finger in English. However, its medical properties make it useful. If you don’t like bhandi curry, you can change its shape and cook it.
This can be a pleasant addition.
It is the most common form of diabetes
The fiber in okra lowers the blood glucose level and moderates it. Also useful. It is recommended to eat bhandi to cure anemia in young girls and mothers.
Especially for new mothers who do not like to eat liver. Pay
It is an anti-cancer vegetable
The lectin in okra is a type of protein that works to fight breast cancer. In one study, okra was used as a treatment against breast cancer cells, which caused a 63% reduction in cancer cells. Came to see
Okra seeds are also the most effective. They soften the insufficient amount of folate in the human body to prevent cancer.
It improves memory
Potatoes contain phosphorus, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which help in improving the memory. Is done

The nutritional value of 100 grams of okra
7.03 grams of carbohydrates
1 gram of fat
Fiber 9%
2 grams of protein
Magnesium 14%
Folate 15%
Vitamin 14A%
Vitamin C 26%
Vitamin 26 K%
Vitamin 14 B6%
The use of okra is very important for new mothers to avoid osteoporosis. The above properties provide calcium to the bones. In addition, this vegetable is also the best choice for weight loss.

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