If you are going to UAE from Pakistan for employment, keep these jobs in mind

The UAE Ministry of Human Resources and the UAE has released a list of sectors that will be in high demand over the next 10 years.

Dubai (Urdu Point News Latest – 07 January 2022) If you want to go to UAE for employment from Pakistan, keep these jobs in mind. UAE Ministry of Human Resources and UAE has released a list of such jobs. Which will be in great demand in the next 10 years. According to the Gulf Times, with the advent of new technologies, the UAE job market continues to grow as the public and private sectors continue to embrace these new technologies, with rapid technological advances and innovations expected. The techniques will result in significant changes in the UAE job market, which will require job seekers in the country to adapt to the needs of local and global employers.
A Bayt.com survey found that while 80% of people in the Gulf region are satisfied with their professional and personal development over the past year, finding a new job for 56% is the best career solution. Emerging on, then 21% are people who value promotion or salary increase, 21% are important to learn new skills at work, while 2% are people who value relationships with colleagues and managers. Want to improve
It has been reported that the UAE Federal Ministries have always guided the sectors they are regulating, keeping this tradition alive, the UAE Ministry of Human Resources and the UAE has listed such jobs Will be in high demand in the next 10 years, the following are some of the areas that are of utmost importance for the next 10 years:
· Scientist
Data analytics
Artificial intelligence experts
Machine learning experts
Big data experts
E-commerce and strategy experts

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