No one will be more anxious for Pakistan than Kohli, ”said Greg Chappell

Pakistan-India Test series crucial for cricket’s survival: Former Australian captain

SYDNEY: Former Australian captain Greg Chappell has lamented the breakdown in cricket ties between the two countries, saying it was important for the survival of Pakistan-India Test series cricket and said that Virat Kohli In his column for the Sydney Morning Herald, he wrote that the decision of Cricket Australia to visit Pakistan next February is in itself much bigger than the visit itself. ۔
He wrote that South Asia is important for the survival of cricket, cricket is the most important sport in very few countries, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are four such countries and they should continue to support.
On this occasion, he said that the responsibility for the survival and prosperity of the game in other Test playing countries rests with the Big Three Australia, England and India.

In the column, Greg Chappell expressed hope that Australia would not back down from its scheduled tour of Pakistan next year after two decades. Pakistan deserves to host an excellent and strong Australian team. He wrote: A three-member delegation of the Cricketers’ Association has recently returned from a 12-day tour of Pakistan and they are impressed with the arrangements made for the series in March and the preparations of the Pakistan Cricket Board.
On the occasion, he also expressed complete satisfaction over the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan and hoped that he would spare no effort for the successful conduct of the series. The former Australian captain said that Pakistan Shane Watson, head of the Australian Cricketers’ Association, who has been a member of the Pakistan Super League in the past, has a very positive view of the tour of Pakistan as he has played there.
He added that the world of cricket and Test cricket needs a strong Pakistan team and his brand of cricket has always provided talented fast bowlers, famous spinners and charming batsmen. Giving a statement in favor of New Zealand canceling the tour, he said that no team can be expelled from the world of cricket for canceling the tour of Pakistan.
He wrote that the final decision regarding the visit to Pakistan rests with the Australian government which will decide after reviewing the security situation but I hope that in case of positive results we will send a strong team to Pakistan. The former cricketer disagreed that ending the first two Test matches of the Ashes series between England and Australia without a match meant that Test cricket was dying out and in this regard the cricket match between Pakistan and India. Highlighted the importance.
Greg Chappell lamented the lack of cricket ties between Pakistan and India and said that cricket relations between the two countries are unlikely to be restored in India until the next general elections. The former Australian cricketer wrote that the eyes of more than one billion people are focused on the Pak-India cricket series and when there is a match between the two teams, everything in these countries comes to a standstill.
He claimed that no one would be more anxious to visit Pakistan than Indian Test captain and champion batsman Virat Kohli and he would like to visit Pakistan before retirement as this is the important country whose Against him, he did not play a Test. In his column, he praised India for visiting South Africa, despite the fact that a new type of Corona, Omicron, was first introduced in South Africa.
He also expressed frustration over the poor performance of the English team in the Ashes series and wrote that everything is going wrong in the English team, bad selection, bad strategy and robot-like leadership is taking place. That there are serious questions on England’s batting line-up, a clear lack of creativity and determination? Greg Chappell believes that if England does not return to the series with a good performance in the next Ashes Test, it is feared that those who shouldered the dead will gather on the banks of the Yara River and burn another pair of stumps. Demand the return of the English team.

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