People who spell incorrectly are new victims of hackers

If you can’t even spell the name of the website you want to visit, there is a good chance that your browser will be hacked. , Including YouTube and Google, are creating security threats to users whose websites have been misnamed.
Many hackers are registering websites like, and

These names are such that the fast typist mistypes them. When users accidentally visit these websites, they are greeted by hackers with malware. Steals sensitive information.

Nowadays, Oman is the focus of hackers. Hackers know that some users mistype .com for .com, so hackers are already preparing or similar popular websites with malware.
Many large websites do not launch their sites with.
According to experts, many of the websites available with .om are full of malware. Have happened
Just as ordinary users are falling prey to hackers by writing wrong spellings, so too hackers fail in their intentions due to wrong spelling. In recent days, Sri Lankan hackers have not been able to steal billions of rupees from Bangladesh Bank. The reason for their failure was also a spelling mistake (details on this page).
The following is a list of popular names on which fake .om domains have been created.


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