Rameez Raja announces to bring drop-in pitches worth Rs 370 million in Karachi, Lahore

About 30 hybrid pitches will be installed in school colleges in a month and a half: Chairman PCB

Lahore (Urdu Point Latest Newspaper. 12 December 2021) Chairman PCB Rameez Raja says that Pakistan’s pitches will now be made in the style of Australia and England, the basis of performance is formed from pitches, pitches need to be improved. Drafting for PSL 7 is underway at the National High Performance Center. 6 franchise teams are selecting domestic and foreign players while the franchise has announced its retinue and release players.
Out of 400 domestic and foreign players are being selected. Speaking on the occasion, Chairman PCB Rameez Raja said that pitches need to be improved. It’s been three months and the pitchers need to do their homework. The subject of cricket required a lot of hard work and as a cricketer one needed to understand where cricket would go from here.
He said that in a month and a half, about 30 hybrid pitches will be installed in schools and colleges.

Arif Habib Group has sponsored two drop-in pitches. Rameez Raja said that two drop in pitches worth Rs. 37 crore have been sponsored, one pitch will be installed in Lahore and one in Karachi.

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