Reasons for high or low blood pressure

Blood circulation and its pressure in the body are of fundamental importance in the functioning of the body system, which is why an increase or decrease in blood pressure affects the overall physical health. According to experts, healthy and balanced blood pressure 120/80. Blood pressure below 140/90 is good for future health while blood pressure above 140/90 is dangerous for health and it is called high blood pressure. Damage to the ducts can lead to many diseases such as stroke, kidney disease, heart attack and other heart diseases.
There are many causes for high blood pressure, especially mental factors that have a greater effect on blood pressure, such as anger and anxiety or screaming, which raises blood pressure, and physical causes include excessive salt consumption, ‘smoking’ and not exercise. Karna, obesity and other factors are included.

Similarly, low blood pressure does not improve the supply of oxygen to the brain.

Blood pressure is measured with the help of a blood pressure instrument. The instrument has two numbers. The first number shows the pressure in the arteries and veins of the blood, when the heart contracts and the heartbeat occurs due to contraction. At each heartbeat, blood flows out of the heart and through the arteries and veins throughout the body. This is the same pressure under which it circulates in the blood vessels.
This same blood pressure is called systellic blood pressure and when the heart is filled with blood to cope with the contraction phase, then the pressure decreases then it is called diastolic pressure.
Special medicines are prescribed to control blood pressure. Similarly, to keep blood pressure parallel, blood pressure patients also take several home remedies. For example, eating apple is useful in high blood pressure, regular lemon juice in water. Drinking it together keeps blood pressure under control. Drinking Lucy is useful in both high blood pressure and low blood pressure.
To prevent blood pressure from dropping or rising, it is important to increase your daily exercise and balanced diet, drink plenty of water, be safe from stress, and have people over the age of 40 get their blood pressure checked regularly. ۔

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