Sharjah The Asian man who jumped from the third floor miraculously survived

A 45-year-old Bangladeshi man, who jumped to avoid arrest during a police raid, fell from the third floor of a building and broke his leg and skull.

Sharjah (Urdu Point News Latest. December 24, 2021) A man who jumped from the third floor of a building in the UAE state of Sharjah miraculously survived, a 45-year-old Bangladeshi citizen who jumped to avoid arrest during a police raid. One leg and skull were broken when he fell from the third floor of the building. According to Gulf News, a 45-year-old fugitive Bangladeshi man, identified as MO, miraculously escaped death in the Al-Naba area of ​​Sharjah when he tried to evade arrest during a police raid. He jumped from the third floor of a building, but fell from the third floor, breaking his leg and skull, and was taken to hospital by national ambulance.
Police said they received a report of some illegal activity in an apartment, after verifying the veracity of the complaint and obtaining the necessary permission from the public prosecution, police raided the apartment, however, when the man knocked on the door of the flat. When he saw the policemen, he jumped out of the building in panic. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition where he is being kept in the custody of the police while further investigation is underway by the police.
Meanwhile, a Dubai criminal court has sentenced two Asians to 10 years in prison for stealing 158 smart mobile phones, 21,000 dirhams, ڈالر 1,000 from a phone shop and killing the owner of the shop. A third convict was sentenced to five years in prison for possessing movable and immovable property, and was deported after serving a prison term.
According to the lawsuit, the driver, who was working with the owner of the mobile phone outlet, along with the second and third accused, planned the robbery. And taped his mouth to prevent him from calling for help, which eventually caused the man to suffocate.
It is reported that both the accused fled the country before the crime was detected. The third accused used the fourth accused to hide the stolen phone, for which they were buried together in a sandy area.

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