The prospect of finding a job for Pakistanis seeking employment in Dubai has become clear

As the demand for travel increased after the ban was lifted, airlines started recruiting new ones

Dubai (Urdu Point Latest Newspaper. December 22, 2021) United Arab Emirates Airlines is increasing the demand for international air travel as well as new recruits, the country’s two leading airlines Emirates and Fly Dubai not only staff Is bringing back but is also recruiting new employees. According to Gulf News, aviation analyst Fahad Masood has said that the return of aviation is inevitable. I want to capture the relevant workforce that has been laid off by various organizations, they do not need any training as they have experience and expertise, as well as extensive vaccine administration. With the easing of restrictions around the world, an additional workforce will be needed to expand the airline’s operations.
Dubai’s flagship carrier Emirates is currently recruiting for the following positions:

Manager of Environmental Affairs
The candidate will be with the Emirates Environmental Affairs Team, which is part of the Department of International Affairs and develops the environmental strategy and framework for the company. And will guide implementation and provide expert environmental sustainability advice, in addition, they will identify risks and opportunities, work with business units across the Emirates to implement best practices, and numerous internal and external Prepare reports and documents for external stakeholders.

Data Privacy Contracts Advisor
Emirates Group is looking for three experienced contract managers to join its Data Privacy Office to draft and review the terms of privacy and data protection in third party agreements. Responsible for finalizing discussions with internal and external stakeholders as well as any privacy and data negotiations.
This role provides a unique opportunity to work on high quality and diverse privacy issues in all countries where the Emirates Group operates. Provides opportunities to work with Danata (UAE airport operations, travel, catering) and (3) group services (IT, HR, communications and brand, medical, finance, etc.).

IT drive
Emirates Group recently announced that it is looking to hire more than 500 IT professionals over the next six months to focus on cybersecurity, technical product management, DOOPS, hybrid cloud, modern architecture, software engineering. Adil Al Redha, Chief Operating Officer of Emirates, said that Emirates is continuing to invest in technologies and is introducing innovative solutions that include artificial intelligence, data and other smart solutions. Based on delivering our products and serving our loyal customers in a highly efficient and flexible manner.

Following are some of the job opportunities that Fly Dubai posted on its website:

Purchasing Officer
Candidates will purchase Fly Dubai’s normal, delicate, AOG (aircraft on the ground) and aircraft spares, aircraft ground, support equipment spares and any other materials / tools from approved sources, which are Fly Dubai purchases. Procedures support the need for AOG in addition to overseas locations, at extremely affordable prices with the best delivery dates.

Senior Officer Material Planning
The selected individual will plan to provide aircraft spares and equipment for independent maintenance activities so that heavy maintenance can be checked, line maintained and modified as needed.

Officer Commercial System
The candidate will ensure the ability to provide revenue targets through competitive and broad market / competitive analysis, identification of trends, formulation of strategies and implementation of effective creative and user friendly system solutions.

IT Admin Coordinator
The individual will actively help manage important information for the sustainable support of IT applications and related services used through Flydubai, the IT Coordinator will ensure that flydubai IT applications, vendor relations and Maintains accurate information about billing details, while highlighting the duration of ongoing contracts, improves the ability to retain information held, prolongs timely applications and extends service life, relevant stakeholders Coordinates with, confirms billing as per agreement to reduce costs.

Marketing Officer
The development and delivery of the final artwork must begin with the content and graphics unit assigned by the Production Manager to assist in the development and delivery of briefs on the routine task requirements outlined by the internal stakeholders. It is important to have a strong relationship with them, to be able to write short essays, and to be able to apply the procedures and procedures described by the department and the company without any hindrance.

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