Then there is the problem of dengue virus

Hakim Abdul Rahim Hashmi

Dengue fever is apparently a mild, but in fact severe fever, which in a few days can be dangerous and can even lead to death. Dengue fever usually affects people whose The immune system is weakened. The Corona virus epidemic had just subsided when the dengue virus began to strike again, increasing the number of dengue cases.
So far this year, several people have died from the disease and hundreds have been hospitalized. People will have to take more precautions to control dengue.
According to health experts, there are four types of dengue fever, but the patient has only one of these four types of symptoms and seeing a doctor as soon as they appear can reduce the severity of the disease.
Early symptoms of dengue include high fever, severe body aches, feeling of weakness, pain in legs, joints and head, change in taste in mouth, reddening of face, pinking of some body parts and chills. In dengue fever, the patient’s joint and muscle pain becomes so severe that he feels his bones breaking, hence it is also called osteoporosis.

Small saucers, called platelets, are in the shape of saucers. Bleeding can be internal as well as external. Generally, the number of saucers in a healthy person is 1.5 million to 4.5 million per micro liter of blood.
In seasonal fevers this number can be reduced to about 90,000 to 100,000, whereas in the case of dengue virus the number of saucers is reduced to about 20,000 or less. The blood begins to clot and the abnormal pressure builds up, which can lead to a number of complications, such as a brain hemorrhage or an increased risk of bleeding.
Sauces are made naturally in the human bone marrow as needed. Both excess and deficiency in the body are a sign of a disease. There can be many reasons for the lack of sauces in the body, including Infections, kidney disease, side effects of many drugs or immune system disorders and dengue fever are also included.
In the immune system itself, the body begins to fight with its own immune system.
To prevent dengue from mosquitoes (if at certain times, when it is bitten by a mosquito) bitter oil or bitter oil (Tara Meera oil) is applied on exposed parts of the body, the substance will die before the mosquito bites. Is.
Health experts recommend drinking papaya leaf juice in the morning and evening for infected patients, as it boosts the immune system. Also, add a glass of lukewarm water to boost the body’s immune system. Dengue fever can also be controlled by taking three teaspoons of honey mixed three times a day. There is no definitive cure for the disease, but doctors do prescribe medication to reduce the symptoms of dengue fever.
For minor symptoms, only painkillers (painkillers), such as paracetamol, may be helpful, but they should also be taken with a doctor’s permission. Aspirin should never be taken for dengue fever, as it can cause bleeding. Dengue fever is also reduced by drinking a few drops of lemon mixed in apple, pomegranate or pear juice. Run away

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