This is the best time for Pakistanis who want to change jobs in GCC countries

A large number of employees in the region will change jobs in 2022, leading to a war of skills between employers.

Dubai (Urdupoint News Latest. December 17, 2021) The best time for Pakistanis looking to change jobs in the UAE and other GCC countries has been announced, a large number of employees in the region will change their jobs in 2022, as a result. There will be a battle for skills between employers. According to the Khaleej Times, Recruitment and HR Industry executives suggest that Corona’s epidemic has severely affected the job market in the UAE and the GCC, leading to what is believed to be a “great resignation”. ‘On the card,’ the great resignation ‘is a theme the whole world has been talking about for months now and it looks like it will come to GCC in 2022, with 56% of professionals saying That they plan to change jobs in the next 12 months.
With these intentions in mind, we expect the battle for talent among employers to escalate, and as 2022 approaches, key to attractive and sustainable strategies, said Sarah Dixon, managing director of Hayes Gulf Region. Focusing on attracting and retaining high skills as a result of competition among employers is now a major challenge for organizations. While employees will stay with the employer, most employees expect to be offered the option to work from home in the future as part of a standard employment contract.
Following the outbreak of the epidemic in the UAE, a good number of employees and layoffs in various fields have been reported, prompting many employees to look for alternative jobs as well as upgrade their skills. However, a recent study by Recruitment and HR Consultancy Cooper Fitch found that 41% of UAE firms increased their salaries by 10% in 2021, 43% by 2022 in business salaries by 10% and more. Will add
Recruitment and HR Industry officials say there is a good demand for senior roles in the UAE in the post-epidemic rehabilitation period. Are in more demand than the junior candidates in the categories of Also recruiting senior leaders.
Waleed Anwar, Managing Director of Upfront HR, said that companies in the UAE are also gaining more economic talent than other countries. Globalization and epidemics have affected salaries and packages in the UAE, especially. For entry and mid-level positions, companies are able to attract talent at a very low cost and from anywhere in the world and can even outsource some of their business activities globally. At the same time, the UAE brand makes it easy to bring workers into the country as a leading job market and a great place to work.
“The packages for senior roles and high-skilled positions are huge and are unlikely to be affected. In the last 18 months, we have seen a significant increase in the number of jobs in the e-commerce and IT sectors,” he said. Directly affected by epidemics and the ensuing digital revolution, as the economy continues to recover and tourists and visitors return to the UAE, so does the number of jobs available in the hospitality, F&B and retail sectors. I have seen an increase.

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