UAE After reaching a 10-month high, daily corona cases decreased

In the last 24 hours, 2,562 new cases of corona virus have been reported in UAE

Abu Dhabi (Urdu Point Latest Newspaper. January 10, 2022) After touching the highest level of 10 months in the United Arab Emirates, the number of daily corona cases has been recorded today. According to details, the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention on Monday confirmed 2,562 new cases of corona virus in the country, with 297,077 additional cases detected through additional tests in the last 24 hours in the UAE. 860 Corona patients have recovered and no deaths have been reported but the current number of active Corona cases in the UAE is 32,120.
The total number of corona cases in the UAE as of January 10 is 788,187 while the total number of recoveries is 753,893 and so far 2,174 people have died in the UAE due to the global outbreak. Have become
In this situation, doctors in the UAE have urged people to get tested for both influenza and covid 19 if they have a fever above 39 degrees Celsius, chills, sore throat, runny nose. Or nasal congestion and severe body aches, as such patients may have ‘Florona’ because co-infections such as COD 19 and flu are not uncommon when there is a strong transmission of such pathogens in communities. ۔

Two Apple stores in Dubai temporarily closed their doors on Monday as part of a precaution against the Corona virus, the iPhone maker said, adding that its Dubai stores would remain closed until Thursday, January 13. Dubai-based flagship carrier Emirates Airlines has closed on-board lounges and social areas for passengers aboard its A380 to protect passengers due to an increase in corona virus cases.

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