Useful foods and tips for the kidneys

We have a pair of reddish-brown limbs about the size of a handful under the last rib on the sides of the spinal cord in our body. Provides invaluable services. Disorders caused by various causes can be serious and in some cases fatal not only to the kidneys but also to human life.
Kidney stones are one such disease. There can be various reasons why kidney stones are formed.
According to medical experts, frequent use of oxalate, calcium, phosphate and purine in the daily diet causes stones.
They range in size from sand particles to pea-sized and in some cases considerable.

Smaller stones travel from the kidneys to the bladder, while larger stones get stuck in the ducts of the kidneys. Kidney stones cause severe excruciating pain.
Medical experts say that people who have been suffering from kidney stones and they do not want to have kidney stones again, they should drink a large glass of water every hour.
Do not forget to drink a glass of water before going to bed at night. This way you will need to get up at night to urinate. When you get up for this work, then drink another glass of water after that. Sixty percent of patients with kidney stones do not regenerate due to overeating. Every person should drink ten to twelve glasses of water daily, whether they have kidney stones or not.
Some natural ingredients can be helpful in case of kidney stones.
Cumin and sugar should be weighed and ground into powder. It is said to be useful to take one tablespoon of cold water thrice a day.
Dry fresh mango leaves in the shade and grind them. In the morning, take eight grams daily with water. Sand found in the kidneys can be excreted through urine.

Eating anola chow with radish is said to be useful in bladder stones.
Eating more melons is good for good kidney function.
Drinking barley water is useful in kidney stones. Barley flour bread and barley flour should be used.
Eating berries relieves gallstones.
Drinking coconut water is good for gallstones.

Batho greens protect against stones.
If you have bladder stones, drinking lassi (chach) can be beneficial.
Swallowing 6 grams of celery daily is said to be useful in easing the excretion of stones.
Carrot, beetroot, cucumber juice mixed with 50 grams to drink to improve kidney function is useful.
Soak lentils in water at night. In the morning, mix honey in this lentil and eat it.
For a few days, it is beneficial to sprinkle the ashes of neem leaves with six grams of plain water.

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